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Our Staff

Nancy Noderer-President and Founder, RN, BSN, EAGALA Certified Equine Specialist

Nancy is a registered nurse, currently employed in a local ER.  She has had over 38 years of critical care and ER experience, including a position at Hospital Albert Schweitzer in Deschappelles, Haiti.  Having had many opportunities to be present during patients' most critical life experiences has challenged Nancy to develop "in the moment" responses to crises.  It has also instilled in her the importance of a having a cohesive and effective team.


Nancy has had a lifelong love of horses, having raised and trained her own.  During her interactions with horses over the years, she observed many interactions that seemed almost "magical". Attributing these observations to being a "certifiable horse nut", she put them aside until later adulthood when she began studying natural horsemanship.  It was at this point where science, history and psychology came together making rational sense of this whole phenomenon, previously held in secret by horse owners.  It was at this time also that Nancy came to the realization that many of her most effective relational techniques with challenging patients and staff were based upon her intuitive work with horses.  It has now become her passion to share this ground-breaking approach to self-awareness and relationships with others.


Art Noderer-Vice President and Business Consultant, BS in Finance, CFA, Member Market Technicians' Association


Art is an Evercore Wealth Management Partner and Portfolio Manager with over 37 years of investment experience.  Prior to investing, Art ran his own successful building and remodeling company in Cleveland, Ohio. Having dealt with a variety of individuals in the corporate, as well as private sector, Art understands firsthand the components necessary for success in both the business and private world.  At first a skeptic, Art was won over to the idea that horses could have a dynamic influence upon leadership and relationship skills after observing the transformation in his wife's relationship with her Thoroughbred mare, Dixie.

"Is it simply a coincidence that many of the world's greatest leaders, George Washington, General George Patton, and Alexander the Great were first skilled horsemen?"

Art lends his business savy and experience to the establishment of this innovative practice.

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