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Corporate Team Building 
Tired of the same old mandatory team building activities which fail to produce desired results? Are you looking for an activity whch will give you and your employees honest feedback, move them closer to your company's goals, enhance communication and colloboration in a fun and memorable way? Effective team building exercises are much more than a social outing; they have a specific objective upon which the activities are planned.  We will meet with you to determine where you feel your team is currently, where you want them to be and what your specific goals are for the session. We will then design activities with the horses to accomplish these goals.





Looking for a quiet peaceful place to step back from the ordinary, relax, renew, refresh, reconnect and become inspired? We offer 1/2 day, full day, or several day retreat packages custom designed to meet your group's needs. Tell us what you desire your "theme" to be, and we will help create a truly memorable experience for you.




Are you looking for direction in your life? Do you feel "stuck" in some area of your personal or professional life? Would you like to improve your leadership, parenting and/or communication skills? Or, would you just like the opportunity to relax in a peaceful environment in th​e presence of horses?


Need a break from all the stressors that seem to be driving you apart? Would you like to re-connect and truly communicate in a fun and relaxing environment? 
Adjunctive Tool for Mental Health Counselors
Are you looking for a tool that may provide a breakthrough for clients where traditional methods have "stalled"? Would you like to conduct sessions with clients in a milieu where they might be more willing to "open up"? Did you know that you can obtain therapeutically useful information about your clients simply by observing their interactions with the horses?



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